Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tote Bags

Simply Bags carries a lot of varieties of Tote Bags you should check out. They gave me the opportunity to choose any bag I would like.
I went through their website and skimmed through all the bags, and decided I wanted the Polka Dot Tote in black and fuchsia. Now for my review... hehe~
Product Review: Polka Dot Tote in Black-Fuchsia

Where can you purchase this:
Price: $25.99

Made in China

Description on the website: Small trendy polka dot tote bag for use as a handbag. This cute tote bag is available in the latest fashion colors with popular polka dot trim.

Colorful polka dot accent tote bag measures 12" W x 8" H, gingham lined with snap closure. Overall height 16 inches.
My thoughts: My first initial reaction is how cute is the bag!!! Oh mi goodness it's so adorable! I love it!... hehe~ Anyone who knows me well know I love cute, adorable things. No matter how old I get, I still enjoy cute things... wheee~ After the excitement wore off, I needed to take pictures and examine the bag... hehe~
All their bags have something embroidered on it since that's the main concept of their line. I had them embroider my name. It's very well stitched and I love the font type. :)
The added bow and ribbon strip on the front is so adorable! I noticed one thing though. :/ On the website, the bow and the ribbon strip is black with fuchsia polka dots, but the bag I received is fuchsia with black polka dots. I am not too sure why there is a difference from the picture on the website and the bag I received. To be honest, I like the fuchsia with the black polka dots better... wheee~ :)
Here's a closer picture of the bow. The one thing I really love is that they stitched the bow!!! Most bags I have seen, mostly cosmetic bags, they glue the bow. If I made my own bag, I would have stitched it on as well because it's more sturdy that way!... hehe~ A lot of bags that are glued on tend to come off or at least from experiences I have heard.
I noticed they cut the end of the ribbon/bow instead of stitching. I wish they stitched it instead of cut it. The cut on the left one is good, but the right one isn't too good. I can see in the future the thread coming off. I think this bag would be better if it was stitched... hehe~
Here's how the back looks like.
Here's a picture of the bottom. I love that they put 4 I don't know what you call that; the shiny, silver thingie... lol~ The reason why I like it is because it will protect the bottom from touching the ground when you put it on the floor. Who wants your bag touching the ground eh!?!? Even though I say this, most of us still put it on the ground because it's just easily forgettable... hehe~

The bottom is very sturdy. I am not too sure but if I had to take a guess, they put a cardboard on the bottom. In my opinion, that's a good idea because it will keep the shape of the bottom. I know a lot of bags with no cardboard on the bottom and you can see these women with expensive bags with a weird shape bottom. That's not a pretty sight or at least for me!... hehe~ :X
Here's the handles. It's fuchsia with black polka dots on one side and just plain fuchsia on the other.
Here's the top of the bag.
I love that they put a heart charm to the zipper. How cute is that!!! :) The one thing I found odd about this bag is that they don't close all the way. I am not too sure why, but it's actually not a hassle. I put my left thumb in the plaided area in the picture and use my right hand to unzip it. It's actually pretty comfortable that way... hehe~
Here's how the inside looks. This is the inside of the back side of the bag. I love that the inside is black and white plaid.
It has three compartments. The big one with the zipper, and two smaller compartments in the front.
Here's the inside of the front side of the bag.
The most important part of any bags are the stitches and how sturdy it is... hehe~ If you have a bag that isn't stitched well, the threads can come off and that's the end of the bag. :/ The stitches are amazing; perfectly equal and very well made! :)

The fabric of the bag is good too. The outside is one of those material when it gets wet, example sprinkle from the rain, it would fall off the bag. I am not 100% sure on this since I haven't wore this bag outside in the rain yet but from the quality, you can tell... hehe~ ;) I also noticed it's very easily bendable. If you noticed in the second picture from the top, you can see a bend all the way around in one area. I think it's my mail man's fault... lol~ I saw him trying to squeeze the package into the mail box. Don't ask me why. :/ Overall, I am really happy with this bag. It's just really cute!... hehe~ :)

* Cute style!!!
* Well stitched tote bag.
* Sturdy bag.
* Cute font style and well made embroidery.
* Stitched the ribbon/bow and not glued it.
* Cardboard inserted in the bottom.
* Four silver thingies on the bottom.
* Cute heart charm on the zipper.
* Cute black and white inside.
* Many compartments inside the bag.

* Bended in one area of the bag.
* The ends of the ribbon/bow are cut not stitched.

Would I buy this again: Yes, it's really adorable!
Rating:  4/5 Tobey's Paws

Thank you Simply Bags for this cute tote bag!!! :)

They also have a twitter account you guys should follow! They post their giveaways and you guys can keep up to date with what is happening!... hehe~

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post was given to me to review on my blog. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Los Angeles Beautylish

This past weekend, October 23rd, I had the greatest opportunity to take part of Los Angeles Beautylish Event.
It was hosted by the founders of Beautylish (there's three of them), as well as, the people who work there (Christina and Victoria). This picture was taken at the end of the event, but I think it deserves to be posted first... hehe~ Unfortunately, it's not the greatest picture. I was sitting on the side. :(
These are the brands that sponsored Beautylish, as well as, gave us products to try.
As soon as you enter the room and in the front, they had three mini-stages for makeovers by Napoleon Perdis, Stila, and Maybelline. On the right, they had two manicurists doing manicures on our hands. You had a choice of either Orly or Chanel nail polishes. I got a mini-makeup by Stila. She added blue eyeliner on my lashes, added blush to what I had, and a lip stain. It really came out nice! :)
Here's a closer picture of the stage.

They had different types of tables, example table covered by silver cloth pictured above, either to visit or sit at. At the center of the table, they had a bowl of makeup goodies to grab and try at home. They also had a candle but to be honest, I can't remember if it was lighted... hehe~ :/
They had beauty tips at each center. I thought that was a genius idea... hehe~ :) Don't mind me I get amazed by simple things... hehe~ :D
They also had yummy, delicious food to try.
Here's a closer picture of the food *drool as I type*... hehe~
They also had cupcakes. Doesn't that look like a Christmas tree?... hehe~ It's so cute! :) My apologies, but I forgot to take pictures of the bar. I had the special cocktail Beautylish/Pink Chatelet. Victoria told me about that drink and it was delicious! I should have taken a picture. :X
Carol, the manicurist who did my nail, painted it with one of the new collection from Orly. I believe the name of the nail polish is Lunar Eclipse. It's such a gorgeous color and she recommended this nail polish to match with my hair... hehe~ She also said the new collection is very smooth to apply on the nails. She definitely recommends this collection!... hehe~ ;)
These are the things I grabbed from the center of the tables. I'm sure most people ate their chocolates and candies, but I wanted to take picture of it as soon as I got home. I know I'm weird... hehe~ :P I ended up giving the chocolates to my dad, and the candies to my niece and nephew. The things given were Orly nail polish in Out of This World (I will do a swatch later), two Yes To Carrots Lip Butter, Elf All Over Color Stick, NYX Glitter On The Go, Napoleon Perdis lipgloss, Stila lipgloss, and Yes To Cucumbers Eye Love Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel.
Not only that, they gave you a goody bag.
These are the things that were in my goody bag... hehe~ I got a Beautylish t-shirt, two Yes To Carrots Lip Butter, three Yes To Cucumbers Eye Love Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel, Yes To Cucumbers makeup wipes, Stila lip and cheek stain, NYX goody bag (blush, lip liner, and lipstick), and Orly nail polish in It's Not Rocket Science.

Thank you Beautylish for inviting me!!! I had a great time! :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post were given to me from brands that sponsor the event. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lancome Renergie Cream

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my money except for Lancome. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

I feel like I haven't reviewed makeup in awhile... hehe~ I think it's about time I review this moisturizer since I received it as a freebie.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Personalized Laptop Bag

I was sent a Monogrammed Laptop Bag from Simply Bags to review on my blog.
Other than the laptop bag, they sent a catalog. By the way, please ignore the dark blob on the left of the bag. That's Tobey who wouldn't get out of the way... hehe~ :P
The catalog they sent has mostly throws. I went through the catalog and they have quite a few throws... hehe~
I really like the bottom left throws. It's such a cute drawing... hehe~
I also like the TinkerBell one. I know I'm too old for it, but I still enjoy cute things!... hehe~ :P

Now for the review of the bag...
Product Review: Stylish Laptop Bag

Where can you purchase this:
Price: $31.99

Description on the website: Dress up any outfit with our stylish chocolate and turquoise patent trimmed laptop bag. Inside wall has zipper pocket, pen and business card slot. Side to side zipper closure for ease in computer removal. Lengthy handles for underarm carry.

This fashionable laptop bag measures 16"w X 14"h four inch wide bottom. Overall height 22 inches. Recommended for laptops up to 16".
My thoughts: When I first received it, I wasn't to sure what to think of it. As time went on and I put my laptop, I fell in love!!!... hehe~
As you can see the front has my name on it. Yes, my name is Alyssa. :P Some people know my real name and some don't. Now you all know... hehe~ ;) My friend who was with me said it's so tacky that it has my name on it. I disagree and think it's cute! I've always like things with my name on it. Growing up, I hated my Korean name since people made fun of it and for that reason I was given an American name. I was proud of my American name and wanted things with my name on it. When I was younger, things wouldn't have my name on it and it was rare finding one spelled the way it is. Of course, it's different now since Alyssa is a common name... hehe~ Anyways,I'm not going deeper into my story. :P I think my name represent my identity and love that my identity is put on a bag. :) If you don't want your name on the bag, you can put anything I'm sure... hehe~ It is up to you guys! ;)

They really did a nice job on the stitching! I don't see any thread sticking out inside and out. It's a really well made job!!!
Here's a picture of the back.
The handle and zipper. The handle is very well made! It's thick enough not to break when you put something heavy like a laptop. It also doesn't hurt your shoulder when you carry the laptop.
The bottom is very stern! When you carry the bag with the laptop, the weight from the laptop doesn't bring down the bag. The blue, in the description it says turquoise but it looks blue to me, of the bag is made out of shiny plastic-type material. It's great knowing that water cannot sneak into the bag from the bottom. You don't want that happening and ruining your laptop... hehe~ ;) It also great to know you can put the bag on the dirty floor (probably don't want to, but most floors are dirty and we still do it), and know you can clean it afterwards with a wet cloth.

Now for the inside of the bag... hehe~
Here's how the inside of the back side of the bag looks like. It has a zipper pocket and small pockets. I ended up putting my mouse inside the blue pocket... hehe~
This is the only part of the bag I didn't like. They sewn the name on one of the pen/pencil pockets. I can't use the farthest right now... hehe~ I think they should have put the pen/pencil pockets more on the left of the bag.
Here's how the bag looks inside after I put in my laptop.

I'm going to end my thoughts with the stitching... hehe~
When it comes to stitching, I am very picky about it. I grew up with a mother who was a seamstress. She taught me how to look for well made stitch, as well as, teach me how to sew... hehe~ Yes, I know how to sew but haven't done it in ages. I should get back to it... hehe~ Just need to clean the things that are blocking the sewing machine in the garage. :/ Anyways, this bag is very well made and the stitches look professional!!! This is a sturdy bag and great for the laptop. I highly recommend it! :)

* Sturdy laptop bag.
* Very well stitched.
* The handles doesn't go deep into the skin of your shoulder.
* The bottom protects the bag from getting wet; doesn't ruin the laptop.
* You can use this for other things other than your laptop!

* Stitched the name on one of the pen/pencil pockets.
* Wish it had wider range in colors.
* Wish it had a lock.

Would I buy this again: Probably not because this is a good quality bag I can see lasting a long time.
Rating:  4.5/5 Tobey's Paws

Thank you Simply Bags for this laptop!!! :)

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post was given to me to review on my blog. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.
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